Business Relations

Bavaria and Israel are efficient and reliable trading partners. The impressing trade balance, in relation to the size and geographical distance of Israel, is a vivid sign for this close relationship.

With a trading volume of 765 million EUR, Israel was Bavaria’s 50st trading partner in 2016 and therefore one of the most important partners in the Middle East. With an export volume of 548 million euro in 2016 year, Israel is an important sales market for the Bavarian economy and with an import volume of 217 million euro Israel is also an important procurement market.

An increasing number of global players like Siemens, BMW, MAN and Audi are active in Israel by investing and sending innovation scouts, validating Israel’s importance.

The foreign representative office of Bavaria in Tel Aviv has the goal to dismantle barriers between the economic systems of Bavaria and Israel, especially to support Bavarian mid-tier in its efforts to take root in the Israeli market and to use the economic center of Tel Aviv as springboard to third markets.

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