2020 Podcast Series:

Bavarian U.S. Offices will continue their Podcast Series in Fall of 2020!

We will get together and sit down with founders and executives that have actively pursued EU/DACH expansion plans. We will speak in-depth about their experiences of operating systems for autonomous vehicles, how tech and data are being used to mitigate COVID-19 in cities, AI enhanced R&D processes, and the hurdles or challenges to choosing and thriving in a new location—especially the do’s and don’ts of US and German engineering work culture.

Stay tuned to check out the first two episodes with Dr. Jan Becker from Apex.AI and Jason Hirshman from Uncountable, both recent expansions from the US to Bavaria.

Our previous podcasts as well as our East Coast team’s current series can be viewed under the “podcast” tab on for reference.