About us

Since August 2020, Bavaria has had a representative office at the German-Saudi Arabian Liaison Office for Economic Affairs (GESALO) which has already been established in Saudi Arabia in 1978 and which is part of the AHK network. The Bavarian representative office supports Bavarian companies in their expansion plans to Saudi Arabia and in networking with local business partners.

Here you can find out more about your business development opportunities in Bavaria and Saudi Arabia. Together with the Delegation of German Business for Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Yemen, Invest in Bavaria and the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, our team offers Saudi Arabian companies extensive support in their choice of location and business expansion in Bavaria. At the same time, we support Bavarian companies and organizations, especially in economic exchange and networking with local business partners in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. The Bavarian Representative Office in Saudi Arabia will help you make a sustainable market entry and give you access to a large and regionally established network.


Do you have any questions about Bavaria as an investment location? Please contact Dr. Dalia Samra-Rohte.

Dr. Dalia Samra-Rohte

Bavarian technology is highly regarded in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabian companies appreciate the reliability of their Bavarian partners.

Dr. Dalia Samra-Rohte

Representative of the Free State of Bavaria in Saudi Arabia