Business Opportunities

With a sales market of over 100 million inhabitants and increasingly diversified markets, the Egyptian economy offers significant potential for Bavarian companies, especially in the renewal and development of infrastructure (e.g. transport, energy, water and health).

Together with the gas sector, the construction industry and tourism are the main drivers of the Egyptian economy. These areas are expected to continue growing steadily – new gas fields are being developed and the demand for housing and infrastructure is rising, as is also the number of foreign tourists.

A model aimed at digitizing many public authority services is currently being developed with a view to a move to the country’s new capital in future, among other things. This has created a high demand for the products and services of international communication and information technology companies. This has also led to demand for solutions from the field of artificial intelligence.

Due to its geographical location, Egypt acts as a hub for communication cables leading to many different countries. On an international scale, the country is one of the largest operators of submarine cables. A total of thirteen cables run via the north coast and 10 cables run through the Red Sea via western Egypt. This makes Egypt an attractive location for logistics, but also for IT services, on account of its very well educated young population.

The food sector (production, processing and packaging) and vocational training also offer business opportunities.