Welcome to the foreign representative office of Bavaria in Israel

Welcome to the foreign representative office of Bavaria in Israel!

Here you can find out more about business opportunities in Bavaria and Israel. In cooperation with Invest in Bavaria and the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, we offer extensive support for Israeli companies in locating and expanding their business in Bavaria. In addition, we assist Bavarian companies and organizations with economic exchange and networking with local business partners.

Local Contact

Office for Economy, Science, Technology, Education and Youth Exchange of Bavaria in Israel

Rothschild Boulevard 3
22nd Floor
Tel Aviv, Israel

Steven Schmerz, Managing Director
Tel: +972 3 3095841
Mail: steven.schmerz(at)

Jonathan Glick, Director of Economy and Technology
Tel: +972 3 3095844

Email to Jonathan Glick

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The forecast for growth and business opportunities in Israel is very positive. 

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