Business Opportunities

The forecasts for growth and business opportunities in Israel – despite the current pandemic – are positive, especially for companies that want to leverage new technology-based trends.

Israel benefits from its excellent educational landscape and is a high-tech and start-up country with a high export orientation. In and around Tel Aviv and Haifa in particular, numerous young hardware and software companies have developed – today the city of Tel Aviv on the Mediterranean is one of the world’s high-tech centers. Bavarian companies also benefit from the Israeli know-how, the numerous universities and interdisciplinary training and research institutions – large industrial companies as well as medium-sized companies. The partial takeover of the Israeli company Rail Vision by Knorr-Bremse in 2019 can be cited as an example. Rail Vision develops new systems for obstacle detection for rail vehicles. With this investment, Knorr-Bremse is strengthening its activities in the field of automated rail traffic. Another success story is that of InnoLas Laser GmbH, based in Krailing, which has successfully maintained a close cooperation with IL Photonics, based in Israel, for years.

The Israeli biotech, pharmaceutical and life science industries offer business opportunities, especially for Bavarian companies, but Israeli companies are also amenable to cooperation in environmental and (renewable) energy technologies. But Israel is not only a profitable target market for Bavarian exporters. Bavarian industry also benefits, for example, from imports of Israeli environmental, military and aerospace technologies. Other key sectors in Israel and the focus of the Bavarian representative office are mobility and smart city including automotive, digital health / life sciences, IOT, agtech / foodtech, insuretech and fintech as well as cybersecurity. In terms of technology, Israel is on a par with Germany and in some areas, Israel is maybe even one step ahead. This offers further scope for exciting cooperation projects at university level or between German and Israeli research institutions.