The Wailing Wall, the Mount of Olives, the Negev Desert, the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean as well as the multicultural cuisine are only some of Israel’s cultural and scenic highlights. Israel has more to offer than those touristic hotspots.

Israel’s economy is booming. Especially the high technology industry and the Israeli start-up culture are expected to foster innovation. Besides the decline in economic growth, the sector has once again achieved a new record result. By acquiring new start-ups or direct investments, big German companies like SAP, Telekom, Volkswagen, Siemens or Bayer have intensified their engagement in Israel.

There are multiple reasons for Israel’s attractiveness as investment location:

  • First, the well-developed transport, energy, and telecommunication infrastructure are up-to-date.
  • Second, the State offers start-up support.
  • Investors benefit from a well-educated population where around 20% of the work force have graduated from university.
  • Moreover, internationally Israel has one of the highest shares of engineers. Compared to the only 85 engineers for every 10,000 inhabitants in the USA, there are 135 engineers for the same number of people in Israel.
  • The country is allowed to refer to itself as “Research World Champion” because 4.5% of its GDP is spent for R&D.

After large companies, it’s now up to the German mid-tier to take advantage of Israel’s potentials.