Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, the Negev Desert, the Dead Sea, the Mediterranean, a large number of national parks and biblical sites as well as the exciting cuisine are only some of Israel’s cultural and scenic highlights. But Israel has much more to offer.

Israel’s economy is booming. Especially the high-tech industry and the Israeli start-up culture are producing innovations non-stop. Many international corporations are sending technology scouts or building research units in Israel. Israel is one of the top countries in the world with high R & D spending. After all, Israel is the third most educated country in the world (behind Canada and Japan), according to the OECD.

Due to gas finds in the Mediterranean Sea, Israel will be able to export gas in the future. Energy partnerships with Jordan and Egypt could have a positive political impact. In April 2019, Israel realized an unmanned lunar mission ("BeReschit"), which was not (yet) successful.

After large companies, it is now up to the small and medium-sized businesses to take advantage of Israel’s potentials.