Here we explain:
The website is about.
Bavarian companies sell products all over the world.
They do not sell their products only in Bavaria or Germany.
But also abroad.
This is called export.
Export is very important for the Bavarian economy

The Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs desires to promote and maintain the best conditions for Bavarian companies abroad.
That’s why there are Bavarian foreign Representative Offices.
For example, a representation in Israel.
A Representative Office is the office of an institution which has a main office but also wants present and available in  other places.

In the representation work people who represent Bavaria abroad.
They live and work in Israel.
That’s why they have good contacts to companies in Israel.
And to the politicians and administration in Israel.

Doing business in Israel should be easy for Bavarian countries.
Therefore they need information.
They also need advice on legal and tax related matters. 
Bavarian companies can ask the Bavarian representation in Israel.
They give tips about how to sell products from Bavaria to Israel.
The representation also organizes events.
New contacts should be made.

Israel is a very important partner for Bavaria.
Israel is well known for its culture and ist startup-Scene.
The Bavarian Representative Office helps Bavarian workers, tourists, and students in Israel.
A research-based cooperation is very important for Bavaria and Israel.
The aim is to develop new ideas, inventions, and products are developed.
It should be easier for companies to develop new products and services.
A very good partnership shall be built in all areas. 
This is the aim of the people working in the Bavarian Representative Office in Israel.